MALAWI – Republic of Malawi

Malawi is central African state extending along Lake Malawi and its outflow river, the Shire. A landlocked nation whose southern half is virtually an enclave within Mozambique. Geographically takes an area of 118,484sq. km with the population of 15,691,784 inhabitance. The capital is Lilongwe.
The country is densely populated with little development, cycles of drought/heavy rainfall, soil exhaustion (especially from tobacco growing) and widespread AIDS. Heavily dependent on agriculture, and therefore vulnerable to both global markets and local weather. Many live in poverty, but the economy has been growing in recent years. High unemployment drives many Malawians to work in other lands.


Malawi faces serious challenges in the future, such as the combination of poverty, high population growth and increasing pressure on agricultural land. High levels of national debt, AIDS and unemployment, when added to the aforementioned economic factors, produce challenges that will require wisdom, long-term planning and proactive policies by the government.The grip of poverty hampers development not only in the financial sense but also in terms of education, AIDS prevention, family life and even effective ministry and discipleship. Pray for leaders in Malawi, most of whom are church members, to act with wisdom, humility and long-term planning on biblical principles.

The increasing activity of Islam is a significant issue in Malawi. Over 80% of the Yao are Muslim, and make up the largest block of Muslims in Malawi.The Qu’ran has been translated into Chichewa. A Quranic movement (Sukuti) is trying to replace the prevalent Qaddiriya folk Islam with a more scriptural version of the faith. Malawi has a great influx of funds via the Africa Muslim Agency.These extend Islam’s influence through primary education, scholarships for tertiary students to go to Muslim nations, aid distribution, drilling wells, medical aid, mosque building and many other means. Although the impact of these has thus far been quite limited, pray for awareness and training for the equipping of Christians to meet this challenge. Pray also for a persistent, loving witness to Muslims throughout Malawi.

AIDS has been a terrible scourge. Life expectancy was reduced at one point to age 43, and over 1 million are infected with HIV. AIDS is the leading cause of death for those aged 20 to 49 years.The 15- to 24-year olds are most affected; within this group, females account for more than twice as many cases as males.There are over 500,000 AIDS orphans.  Pray that churches might be better equipped and envisioned to face AIDS with effective ministries; for work among students and teachers in this area.

The CCAP (Church of Central Africa, Presbyterian) is a larger union of the churches planted by the South African Dutch Reformed Church, the Church of Scotland and the Free Church of Scotland. Pray for revival as nominalism and the influence of African traditional religion are commonplace, yet there are also many strong evangelical leaders and congregations. Pray for unity within this diverse denomination, and for many to come to genuine faith.

Churches are tackled by many problematic issues; therefore pray for maintaining effective ministry in the midst of deep poverty and the growing AIDS crisis. Pray for effective and appropriate theological education and financial provision for theological students and pastors in training, since poverty is the primary factor hampering the education. Pray for provision via funding and partnerships. Pray also for new models of training that can accommodate the many poor and already overstretched pastors. Pray for the further establishment of pastoral training programmes among the fast-growing Pentecostal and charismatic churches.

Leaders. Pray for training for pastors and workers, because the traditional model of theological education cannot produce leaders fast enough to meet the needs of the rapidly growing Church. Poor rural churches are especially needy – few can afford to train or support workers. In-service training for pastors is available through various means.

Unity. Pray for more cooperation among the Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM), the more mainline Christian Council (CCM) and the charismatic churches.

Student ministries flourish (Life Ministries/CCCI, SCOM/IFES, SU, Chi Alpha), with over 500 SCOM student groups, involving 30,000 young people. Students are spiritually open, but not just to the gospel. Pray for a lasting impact from student ministries – that lifelong disciples be formed and the entire nation transformed.

The least evangelised. Pray that both Malawian and expatriate workers may effectively share the love of Christ with the Yawo, mostly Muslim community, the Asian people which are predominantly Hindu and Muslim members and for various tribes that still practice traditional ethnic religion.

Expatriate missionaries primarily support existing denominations and agencies in training, outreach and Christian institutions. Pray for genuine partnerships between foreigners and Malawians that result in fruitful ministries.



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