SPAIN – Kingdom of Spain

Spain is the country which takes an area of 504,783sq. km as a major part of the Iberian peninsula and Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean. Also included are the Canary Islands off northwest Africa and the enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla on the North African coast. Population of this country is 45,450,497 inhabitant with Madrid as a capital city.

Catalán, Galician and Basque are official languages in the respective autonomous regions. Castilian (Spanish) is the only official language for all the Spanish territory. Spanish is the first language of over 340 million people; the world’s third most widely used language.


Spain’s modern transformation is not all positive. Secular materialism brought S religious freedom and economic advancement, but it has also struck a crushing blow to traditional foundations of society and created a spiritual vacuum that is being filled with many dangerous elements.
Morality, and values in general, have suffered. The younger generation rejects the idea of absolute truth. Pray that Christianity might still be able to provide a moral compass and demonstrate moral authority.
Spiritual confusion. False beliefs are quickly multiplying – a natural consequence of the rapidly formed vacuum left by departure from religious faith.
Drugs are a blight on Spain, one of the world’s heaviest users of cocaine, heroin and marijuana. Around two million take drugs, most of them young people.
Gambling addiction remains a problem for the nation as well. It is estimated that 15% of net household income is spent on betting, possibly one of the highest proportions of any nation in the world.
Sexual ethics and behaviours are a battleground, since immorality, prostitution and abortion are common. Children are sexualised at ever younger ages, while an “anything goes” mentality characterises young people especially.The Spanish have all but stopped having children – they have one of the lowest fertility rates in the world, lower still if excluding immigrant families. All of these will have devastating future consequences in terms of disease, social attitudes and demographic pressure.

Pray for Spain to wake up to the lies that have blinded it to the truth of the gospel. Pray for social renewal, and that those working for the salvation of the Spanish might be endowed with love, power and wisdom.

The Catholic Church is troubled, finding itself in crisis. From being regarded as one of the most Catholic of countries, Spain is fast becoming one of the most irreligious. Pray that the legacy of a tarnished past on the Spanish nation may be fully repented of and renounced, and that the shame on Christianity would be diminished. Pray for new life and relevance into the Church.

Evangelical numbers have grown, but not as fast or in the ways hoped for. Many evangelical churches are concentrated in Catalonia (especially Barcelona), along the east coast, in Andalucía and in the areas around Madrid. Pray for revival and greater cooperation among denominations. Pray that the evangelical churches will lose their “foreign-ness”. While many of the older evangelical churches were planted by Spanish workers, many newer congregations imported from different countries bring their own idiosyncrasies and style with them and never had been transformed to the Spanish one.

Leadership training. Few churches can afford to pay for a full-time pastor, let alone a team of them. As a result, churches must use bivocational pastors or be entrusted to full- time foreign missionaries, who end up pastoring instead of church planting. Pray that different trainings for leaders would be filled with young Spanish future leaders, shaped by solid instruction in the Word of God.

There is a considerable increase in missionaries and agencies, but some areas remain largely unreached. Proliferation of agencies and lack of coordination are issues for concern. Pray for Christian workers to be called to less-evangelised areas and that they will be able to integrate fully into Spanish culture and life.

Vision for the future has been limited but is now coalescing. Pray for effective, culturally appropriate methods of outreach and for nationwide evangelistic strategies to be developed. Pray for the vision to mature, for the growth and development of Spanish mission agencies. Pray for wisdom in knowing how to be more effective in outreach and balanced in testimony.

Key groups for outreach. Pray for these:
The Basques are an ancient and proud people without a single Euskera-speaking Protestant church.The differing dialects in an already difficult language complicate the task. Pray for those involved in ministry. Pray that centuries-old suspicions and fears, and the reserve of the Basque people, may be broken down.
Muslims may number over two million and are growing rapidly.The Moors ruled much of Spain for 700 years, and Muslims long to win back what they lost. The vast majority are immigrants from Morocco, but from many other African nations as well. Pray for Muslim hearts to be opened and for believers in Spain to reach out in love.
Chinese numbers have increased to over 100,000. There are now over 30 churches among the Chinese, who still number only 2% Christian.
Drug addiction is a blight on Spain, which has one of Europe’s highest rates of heroin and cocaine addiction.This in turn is a major contributing factor in the AIDS epidemic and the crime rate. Pray for all ministries which are established and many new that they will be led by God and by His power they will reach those vulnerable people.
Young people need the gospel, having given themselves over to postmodern materialism and hedonism. They distrust organised religion.Their lifestyle is based on experience. Pray for the ministry to them which will be highly relational and authentic.
The elderly and retirees as they are a growing segment of the population, both among Spaniards and immigrants which will only get larger in the future.


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