About us

May we take this opportunity to introduce to you HERD Trust, so that you may know something of our work and our desire to be part of God’s work.

We would like also to hear more about your ministry if you have the chance to be in touch.

Herd is a Christian charitable trust set up to provide help to those less well off.

The trust was set up by two local businessmen who were frustrated by their own inability to make a real difference in poverty stricken areas of the world through their normal, personal, charitable giving. So instead they decided to use their business acumen to run a company with the sole purpose of generating charitable income.

To this end they established Agri-Research (Ireland) Ltd, to which they, and others, donate their time and effort, free of charge, such that the net profit can go to Herd. The share-holding of this company is now held by the charity. This way any profit generated by the Agri-research goes directly to ‘HERD Trust’. By dealing with Agri-research the clients get the products and services they require at the normal commercial price but the value of each transaction goes to help the poor in a sustainable way.

LFA Celtic Ltd, in which the pair are share holders, also donates money to Herd through the revenue that would normally go to them as dividend payments. This way it does not cost the company anything nor does it effect the prices charged to their customers.