Our Work

Grant aiding projects

Herd passes on the money they receive directly to individuals, churches or missionary societies, involved in the projects which have been selected by the trustees for assistance. The trustees choose projects according to the need and how well the project fit the criteria of the charity, but most importantly at the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Country focus

To date we are supporting projects in Africa, India and South America, Europe, as well as at home in Northern Ireland. This is more by accident than by design and does not restrict the geographical area in which we can work but simply reflects the applications that have been made.

Work focus

As our name implies we are focusing our attention and limited resources in the three areas. The first of these is primary health care through hospital and clinics. Secondly we seek to promote education for those whom education is limited, at any level, through lack of finance or availability. Thirdly we wish to promote projects designed to improve rural development in under developed nations. This can take many forms but we are looking for sustainable agricultural projects to help local farmers establish or improve their food production systems. Primarily it is involved in grant aiding projects where the Holy Spirit leads.